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Trimona Foods, Inc./Trimona Bulgarian yogurt

American Made Since 2009
2014 Food Finalist

Atanas Valev

Port Jefferson, New York
An organic, gluten-free yogurt made with whole milk from grass-fed cows. Using the ancient recipe that invented yogurt, its taste is unrivaled.
Finalist New York
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Tell us about your business.

23 years ago, Atanas Valev arrived in America, among the many other immigrants pursuing the legendary “American Dream.” All he brought was a suitcase stuffed with some clothes, memorabilia, and two jars of Bulgarian yogurt. These jars carried the starter culture that helped Atanas create the yogurt now sold on shelves of Whole Foods markets and individual health stores. He knew that there was not yet a yogurt on the American market that matched the special taste and healthiness of Bulgarian yogurt. Custom-selected strains of the bacterial culture are what produce the distinctive tangy taste, creamy texture, and aroma of a homemade Bulgarian yogurt. Over the next 18 years, Atanas worked various day jobs to support his family and spent countless nights in his kitchen perfecting the yogurt enjoyed by so many today. Using our original Bulgarian bacterial strain, we can proudly say that no other yogurt on the market provides such a unique blend of taste, history, and health in one spoon.

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

My first workspace was my cramped kitchen, cluttered with pots, pans, and a few of my daughter’s Barbie dolls. Official office hours began at around 10 p.m. and ended at around 2 or 3 a.m. The head yogurt-taster was my patient and supportive wife. Our first consumers were our neighbors and friends, to whom we distributed the yogurt in glass mason jars. Then, about 6 years ago, after years of experimenting, organizing, brainstorming, arguing, negotiating, and all the other verbs that come with the big decision of making your entrepreneurial dream into a reality, the new workspace became a co-packing creamery in upstate New York, a growing facility nestled in the beautiful mountains of the Catskills. Teaching them how to make the yogurt and replicate the authentic ancient Bulgarian taste was not easy. It took a couple more years to master and achieve the consistency that the product has today, which is difficult with any homemade product.

What inspires you?

What inspires me to make the yogurt that I make are my returning customers. I have heard some incredible stories about people overcoming critical conditions due to the health benefits of our yogurt. I firmly stand behind the idea of food as medicine. This world has given us a bountiful amount of healthy resources-especially in food-that have lost themselves in the fast-paced world of moneymaking business. I want to be able to bring something real back to today’s busy society. If we have the capability to consume something the way our ancestors did-something that isn’t genetically modified nor stripped of essential nutrients-we should take full advantage of this. By sharing a piece of my culture with everyone (in both meanings of the word: the bacterial yogurt culture and my Bulgarian heritage), I want to give people the original, pure taste of yogurt, and all the health benefits that come with it.

What makes your business stand out?

Our Bulgarian yogurt is unlike any other yogurt on the market. Why? It’s quite simple. Yogurt was invented in Bulgaria. The live culture essential to the yogurt-making process is actually named after the country itself. Bulgarian microbiologist Dr. Stamen Grigorov discovered and coined it “Lactobacillus Bulgaricus.” Trimona Bulgarian yogurt provides an unmatched combination of health benefits. Sure, our yogurt is not the only organic and gluten-free yogurt. What sets it apart are the steps we take to ensure that everyone can healthily enjoy it. For example, both of my children are lactose intolerant; they have safely been consuming our yogurt for years. It’s low in lactose and contains the safe A2-beta casein, which comes from the Jersey and Guernsey cows we use. Also, our yogurt is neither strained nor fat-free. We keep the whey and the good fats because they are rich in essential minerals and vitamins missed out on when choosing a low-fat or non-fat yogurt.

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

Cliché as it may be-don’t give up on your dream. There’s a reason this saying has become a cliché and that’s because it works. Believe in your product every step of the way. Remember your mission and the very thing that drives you to do what you do. Realize that a lot more rests in your hands, which is both terrifying and empowering. Channel that fear into fuel and creative energy. Know that you are not alone. Connect with others who have already been down this exciting entrepreneurial path or even those who are just starting. You can learn from everyone and from some pretty unexpected places. Measure success in the satisfaction of your returning customers rather than how fat your wallet can become. Some of the most beautiful aspects of entrepreneurship are the authenticity and creativity that surpass the superficiality of the mainstream. And most importantly, never forget to have fun. Loving what you do is what molds the novel, quality product that can’t be created anywhere else.

What does American Made mean to you?

Coming to this country all those years ago, it’s hard to even think of myself as an immigrant. Not only did this country embrace me with open arms, it gave me a place to dream, to create, and to bring a piece of my culture to sew on to the American quilt of diversity. To me, living out this “American Dream” is exactly what “American Made” means. I have experienced the very core of the melting pot that is the innovative American spirit. An American Made product transcends the simplistic definition of anything produced in America. To be American Made is to embody the very ideals of the creativity, innovation, and freedom with which this country was founded.

The more social shares on Facebook and Twitter, the better the maker’s chances of earning one of our 200 wild-card finalist spots for grand-prize consideration.

Tax Deduction Tips for Authors


The more you know about your taxes, the better…

small-business-tax-tipsAsking for tax advice on a indie book printing forum is like asking whether or not you should run naked through the streets! When April 15 rolls around and it’s time to file your taxes as a book author, the more you know about your deductions, the better. Sure, your pens, computer printer ink and paper are tax deductible — but you might learn something new in the following details and tips about book author tax deductions.

If you’ve never before filed taxes as an “author” but would like to, first read this to see whether your writing efforts actually qualify as a business, /or Tax Deduction Tips for Authors by or Guest article by written by /as opposed to a hobby.

It also depends if you actually sell any books.

You may submit tax forms to reduce the amount of withholding, but in the end, you will be responsible for reporting the income on your annual tax returns.

This article provides additional information as well as all pertinent tax forms: How do I get a W-9 or W8-BEN on file with Lulu?

As a new author I found this book extremely helpful in explaining what I could and couldn’t deduct come tax time.51-kfQRBBpL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-64,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_

A great resource with clear explanations!!! – Tax Tips for Authors 2014 by N. S. Smith (Author), EM Lynley (Author)!!!

For more useful tax information for book authors, find out:

An overview of taxes and the book author.

Whether your writing is a business or a hobby for tax purposes.

What kinds of tax deductions book authors should take.

And learn more about bookselling in general:

Book sales departments – all the ways books are sold.

Retail Bookselling Basics

Everybody with or without experience like a self-published author is welcome to share any relative information….

How to write a Kick-ass Guest Post?


Write-a-guest-post-for-windows8update-com“The rewards of guest posting are cumulative…. you build more momentum the more you post.”

How to write a guest post pic 1

Aubrey’s Blog!

Before a couple of days ago a was happy to find a really awesome blog – YA Book Reviews. Aubrey Joy is yang but incredibly creative reader. She read whenever she isn’t at the dance studio taking her favorite classes. That’s make her expert in YA books. You can find her Review Policy and Contact HERE.

Next week Aubrey will be my guest blogger and she will tell us more about her passionate about reading books and writing reviews. Because she ask me How to write a Guest Post I have decided to write this post.

Thrilled to find your blog Aubrey. Sweetie, please continue reading and supporting authors with your amazing and very honest reviews.  :) Hope this post it will help you to write your first GREAT AND KICK-ASS GUEST POST!!!

Now back to my post. You want to write a great guest posts so here are some tips on helping your cause. Guest blogging is your chance to get in front of new audiences – audiences that have been painstakingly developed by the blog owner. When I publish a guest post, I am putting my reputation on the line by endorsing you and your opinion. :)

Granted, guest blogging won’t always work, but if you’re using it for the right reasons, 80% of the time you’ll be successful. It’s not all about the link. If you’re putting out legitimate content that will truly help their readers and you don’t over promote yourself, you’re golden.

In this post I am going to show you the seven crucial tactics for writing a guest post.

  • If you want to stand out in life, you have to be original.

Advice: A good blog post offers insight and value. It’s not a cheap form of promotion for your business. Pick a great title, a famous phrase, a popular quote or something really crazy and wild that it will make people want to read what is behind that title. There are zillions of blog posts about how to write great headlines (like this one, this one and this one for starters). Read them. Apply them.

  • Leave the links for your bio.

Advice: Every time you do a guest post, you’re given a little space in the post for a biography, with a link (as well as a few in-post links) that can direct readers back to your blog.

Sending people back to random posts or a home page is just a waste of time. What you need to do is funnel people toward a specific outcome. A successful funnel would entail:

=> Creating a niche-specific free giveaway;

=> Creating a landing page or ad for that giveaway, It doesn’t matter what it is – a free eBook, product, etc. – as long as you are intentionally directing people there;

=> Guest posting on closely related topics that are closely related to your free giveaway.

  • Choose a Topic that matters.

Advice:  Here is where you can distinguish yourself from other guest posters. A lot of people will simply write a post at this point and hope that they can be original with something that has been written already many times. Just be yourself and write about something that you love or you had a huge experience.

How to write a guest post pic 2Good blogs cover a niche so that gives you a clue about topics. Then there is a lot of thought gone into blog categories so there’s another clue. Also every good story needs a beginning, middle and end. Make sure yours does too.

Click on this link to read more about – How To Write a Guest Post and Get It Featured on Authority Sites!

  • Look for the blog owner’s name and use it.

Advice: Using someone’s name in a friendly introduction is so much nicer than Webmaster or Admin. And it will take you under a minute to find it. If the blog you’re pitching to isn’t run by a single person, make your greeting more generic but still friendly. Remember, what the site owner is looking for is whether their audience will be interested in reading the post.

  • If you want to write a guest post that matures, you need to do some research about anchor text strategy.

Advice: Each guest post should be part of an anchor text strategy. Anchor text is the text you use when you link to a post.

How to write a guest post pic 3When you do a guest post, you should have already done keyword research and know specifically what phrases you want to rank for, based on how much traffic they bring and how competitive they are. Remember, you want your guest post to be bringing you love from Google for the next a couple of years. You can read more at Ramsay Taplin’s site. His post – 7 Crucial Tactics for Writing a Wildly Successful Guest Post, is great and very informative for experienced bloggers. Actually is great for any bloggers.

  • Each comment should be answered or used as material.

Advice: One of the really important things to do when you guest post is stick around and answer every single question that you get in the comments. It’s in the comments section that long term relationships are built with the readers that you are reaching on the new blog. I love it when guest bloggers reply to comments. It’s especially good when you leave a comment on a very old post and then discover the guest blogger is still subscribed and still cares enough to reply. I’ve seen a few bloggers who do this and it leaves a very good impression.

Once that post is live, you can then link back to it in the future using the desired anchor text. This will help you elevate your own post on someone else’s website so that it matures well.


I’m currently Accepting a Guest posts!!!!

By now you’ve (hopefully) put a lot of effort into your post. Worth a read, don’t you think? :)

Please leave a comment and let me know. All ideas are welcome… :)

P.S. You can check some of my guest posts on my PRESS page!

Don’t forget to leave a comment, you opinion it matter a lot to me… :)

How to Publish Your Book in the iBookstore


photo(5)I’m very excited and pleased to be starting off the New Year with a GREAT NEWS, I’ve got my book – The Legend of The Moonstone sets in the Apple’s iBookstore! Even if you know the book is going out into the world, its something altogether different to see it there. :-) photo 3

Apple Made it Possible for Me to Make Awesome Book…

When Apple announced iBooks Author and the iBooks store I immediately abandoned all prior efforts and jumped to the new platform. iBooks Author gives me exactly what I need to publish the book I want to make. Apple didn’t only give me the authoring tools, they also provided me the ability to distribute my book.

If you think about self-publishing with Apple’s free iBooks Author tool check out the simple steps below…

So let start it…

HOW TO: Publish an eBook with Apple iBooks?

photo 5Tablets and smartphones make for great reading devices, and you don’t get better tablets or smartphones than Apple’s iPad and iPhone. Through Apple’s iBooks store, self publishing authors have a great market through which to tout their wares, and this guide will walk you through how to get your work onto the platform.

Getting your book into the iBookstore can be a low-cost and profitable route that exposes your work to entirely new markets. But getting a book approved by Apple isn’t a simple process…ibookstore

To do that You need to follow specific guidelines for preparing and publishing in order to avoid time-consuming headaches and a rejection email.

Getting Started!!!

First of all, you’ll need to have that mind-blowing book written.

Finished? Great! That’s the hard part done! ;-)

Before your would-be bestseller can be published, you’ll need to make sure it’s well edited and properly formatted.

Follow these simple steps to learn how to create your own iBook and send it to the iBookstore:

  • Make sure you’ve added a Table of Contents for the document, which is easily done using Word’s and Page’s built-in tools.
  • Insert page breaks after every chapter. It’ll avoid inserting unnecessary stretches of white space when your final eBook is ready.
  • Make sure your cover image is added as a .JPG file, or it won’t work properly. It’ll need to be rectangular in shape and at least 600 pixels tall, and cannot contain hyperlinks or website addresses, nor any nudity.
  • Keep a check on your spelling and grammar if you don’t have an editor. Have multiple grammar pedants read and re-read your text if possible to scan it for errors.
  • There’s an upload limit of 2GB for the iBooks store, so make sure your eBook is smaller than that. That may be tough if you’re using lots of multimedia content, so consider either cutting some, shortening some, or lowering the quality of audio, video and image files.
  • Apple will not publish materials that include erotica involving underage people, nor any texts that promote intolerance or discrimination. And rightly so.

For more about iBooks Author and How to create and publish amazing books for iPad and Mac Click Here!

The good news is, once you’ve formatted your .ePub and developed your cover art for Lulu (or anyone else, really), you’ve done 90% of the work to sell it through Amazon, too. I just went through that process. By the way Amazon is definitely another route and I look at it as a great alternative. If you can get your content on the kindle as well as in the iBookstore then it reaches even more buyers!

That’s it. You now have your very own book in the Apple iBookstore for sale.

Now, of course, it’s time to market it. But that’s another post … ;-)


Rachel Abbott and Paul Finch – in conversation: self vs traditional publishing


Rachel Abbott and Paul Finch – in conversation: self vs traditionalpublishing


Rachel Abbott is a writer, and author of “Only the Innocent“. The book proved very successful, and by February 2012 it had reached #1 in the Amazon charts (all genres). It remained there for four weeks.

It also hit the top spot on the Waterstones ebook charts, and remained there throughout August, September and most of October 2012.

Rachel’s blog aims to help authors going through the process of publishing their first ebook, andincludes reviews of indie ebooks.


Paul Finch is a former cop and journalist, now full-time writer. Having written for the television series THE BILL plus children’s animation and DOCTOR WHO audio dramas, he is best known for his horror fiction.

He has won the British Fantasy Award twice and the International Horror Guild Award.

They both have been in the Kindle top twenty recently, but they became bestsellers by quite different routes.

If you want to read more about self vs traditional publishing, their conversation would help you a lot.

To find out more about Rachel Abbott, visit

To find out more about Paul Finch, visit

Congratulations to all winners of My First Giveaway!


FIVE signed copies of The Legend of The Moonstone are now traveling to FIVE different places in USA.

Grove City, North Pole, Morristo wn, Scottsboro, Brooklyn – my book is coming to you!

I want to give a Special Thanks to the winners – Congratulations

Jessica, Jasmine, Amy, Tammy and Michie!

I hope you will enjoy reading my book…

And I also want to say I really appreciate everyone who has been following and who entered. I learned about so many new ideas from your comments and also from your advices. I really appreciate all the support as a new Author.

I am so grateful for all the great people out there, Thank You for reading, Thank you for sharing, Thank you for your wonderful and such a great reviews!

Have a great weekend and thanks again to Everyone who Entered!

* Purchase the new fiction teen book – The Legend of The Moonstone online from and

Which step have you reached today?


We all want specific things in our life, the problem is how to reach what we desire. It’s not always easy to reach our goals, but are there any tricks to reach them?

There aren’t any easy answers to that question, however I have a few ideas that might help you get there:

  • Believe in yourself;
  • Visualize your steps and your thoughts;
  • Stay positive – Say: I like that song more than… or I love this book/boy/girl/movie/etc. more than…. Do not use: I hate you… or I don’t like that…. or I don’t care… :);
  • Read a lot and practice  :);
  • Be happy and do things that make you feel that way!

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life… :)

P.S. Just be brave and have no doubt. :)
Love M.


What is your favorite song at this moment? :)


Share Your Favorite Song with Everyone! :)

Name one song or more… :) I decided that it was time to give everyone a chance to have some input. Tell me your favorite song and who performs it. If you just can’t name one, post an album or a band that really moves you. Let me know what taps your toes, what makes you cry, what brings a smile to your face.

I love to find new and wonderful music. Your favorite song could become mine, or that of someone else entirely. :) Go ahead, post your favorite song and make a connection!

One of my favorite songs – :)

“You wanna be the best
But you don’t know how
Runnin’ around
Feelin’ like you’re down
You can hate me now
But we’re the realest in town
Comin’ through with the funky sound
Take a rest from your stress
Meet you destiny
With the best of me
Homie, can’t you see?
We’re not alike
We never where
We’ll never be
Like I said you,
You’re not like me…”

‘How To Be A Writer’ Author Sally O’Reilly (INTERVIEW)


They say there’s a book in everyone, and there’s certainly no end to courses and guides that claim they can help us unleash our inner epic. But what if we ever actually did manage to sit down and write the great British novel we’ve always dreamed of? What next?

After landing her first book deal in 2004, Sally O’Reilly thought ‘someone had scattered fairy dust’ on her life. Instead, soon after seeing her first novel in print she lost her editor and found herself not knowing where to turn. As a ‘mid-list’ selling author, she released that being a writer didn’t end with the last page of her book – in many ways, the job was just beginning.

Released last month, ‘How To Be A Writer’ is Sally’s attempt to guide people through the nuts and bolts of taking a book to market and navigating the world of publishing like a professional. Rather than tell you how to structure a thriller or stop using clunky adverbs, the book explains how to find an agent, manage your own PR and juggle writing alongside your day job….

Click on the link below to read the whole interview… :):):) It was very helpful for me, it may be helpful for you to… :):):)

P.S. I hope my information helps many of you! :)

How Thoughts Affect Our Reality? Water message…


A friend sent me the first link from Facebook. Shortly after the first link I found the second one. :)

If you are interested in stories about hidden messages and incredible ways to express your feelings check those videos. We can show our emotions on so many levels. Writing is one of them. The water is providing us another one to share with everybody what we think, feel or want. Shortly after the first link I found the second one. :) It is also very persuasive and awesome… or

I just want to say Thanks to my dearest friend – Eli for sending me that video :).
I really enjoyed watching it :).