With the release of book one of the three books of the Professor Stransky’s incredible stories, I realize there are those who have yet to come aboard and read them. I understand some of the reasons people are hesitant or flat out refuse to read them, but I am here to provide a far from comprehensive list of why you should.

These are 10 of my personal favorite reasons why you should read The Legend of The Moonstone.


With powerful stones, alien creatures, and everything mystical, it is easy to let your imagination run wild when reading the Legend of The Moonstone book. You can imagine the characters and settings the way you want to.


When reading the books the first time, you had no idea how everything would tie together in the end, but Meglena Ivanova did. She planted little details in each book that connected the ending. Try and look out for them when you are reading the book and admire how discreet they were when you first read the books.


Professor Stransky shows Intelligence, Daniel shows Honor, Sophia shows Courage, and Kyle shows Loyalty. All are qualities a person should strive to display. The characters in The Legend of The Moonstone all have some quality about them that makes them a great role model.


One of the main themes of The Legend of The Moonstone is to remain courageous no matter what the odds. That is one of the biggest reasons you should read The Legend of The Moonstone; it will inspire you to stand up for what is right, even in the face of adversity.


Through thick and thin, Daniel and Kyle remained the best of friends. It teaches readers that, no matter how bad things get, they put friendship first. Can you think of a better lesson, or a better reason to read The Legend of The Moonstone?


Love Is The Greatest Magic Of All!
One of the main themes of The Legend of The Moonstone is love. The real love people feel in the world – Friends, elders, parents, kids, enemies, everyone.

Daniel and Sophia’s relationship is one incredibly sweet love story. They have been friends ever since the school year started. Slowly, they both realize they see each other as something more than just friends. When Daniel realizes that he is in love with Sophia he’s terrified about their future, about what this all means for him or it will means for her. Sophia fell for him because he is fair, honest open-minded and because he is amazing.

At first they became friends but in the end, they belonged together and that’s all that mattered to them. You just have to dig a little deeper and you will find whether their love be strong enough to survive or won’t be?


Sure, The legend of The Moonstone started out as a children book, but that doesn’t mean that only children or teen can read it. Many of the themes in the books have a darker undertone that is more appropriate for adults, which is another reason to read that fiction story.


Plain and simple, the books tell a great story. It’s epic, especially for a children’s series, but it’s not terribly long. Also the story is fantasy, but it’s easily digestible fantasy. The made up stuff in Meglena Ivanova’s world of magic isn’t all that complicated and it seems almost plausible at times. However, if you’re really interested in this world you can go further in depth. So if you do get caught up in the world or just want to know more about it, there is plenty of info available.


Professor Stransky

Professor Stransky

What’s not to love about a teacher that teaches you something!

Magic, mystical people, mythical beasts, heroes and demons are just some of the things Professor Stransky talks about. Inspired by superstitions and supernatural powers, he is a so good story-teller that the bitterest opponent of fiction is willing to sacrifice a few hours of its everyday life to hear some of the professor’s stories. The stories of the professor are always about ancient times and creatures, by some chance appearing in our everyday life. The way in which the professor narrates, word for word, in each story, there is magic that millions of people want to know about.


The moral of the Professor Stransky’s stories is that nothing should be taken for granted and whether we are in the world of fantasy or reality, we are able to face the fears and daemons of our mind, acts and environment.

The Legend of The Moonstone has all of these amazing characteristics, incredible characters, mystical and mysterious creatures, secret messages, supernatural objects, powerful rituals … and magical relationships! You should read The Legend of The Moonstone, not just for the magic in the book, but because of the magic you feel when you are reading it.

Why would you read The Legend of The Moonstone? Are these some of the reasons you would read The Legend of The Moonstone? What are your favorite things about The Legend of The Moonstone?

„How difficult it is in our century to be an honest man!”



“Nothing inspires such contempt

 to success as the thought of the means

 of its achievement.”

G. Flaubert

It is believed that God created the world in six days and used the last day to create man. He gave man thought, speech and reason. Thousands of years have passed since then and today man exalts and places himself in the center of Earth. But what is a man in our century? An integral part of the created world or just a speck of dust in the Universe – eternal and almost unnoticeable. So what does it matter if every day someone lies, someone pretends, someone has chosen to live as a dishonest person on Earth?

The truth is that man can do anything. He will stop at nothing – neither to nature nor to relatives, friends or employers, or even to the infinite Space and that is because of one goal – greatness. End justifies the means, but at what cost? Now man is possessed by evil thoughts, distorted dreams and false principles. I wonder will man ever stop you seek his own imaginary place of success, happiness, idealism, selfishness? Will man turn back to history, to the world? To look at how his world is collapsing while he lives locked in his understanding of prosperity?…

I ask myself these and many other questions. Probably everyone is looking for answers to their torments – abosuccess conceptut the world, about themselves, about the others … I suppose everyone has some or other painful memories that have made him the man he or she is now, but the truth is, to be honest, be honest to ourselves, to the others, is just as difficult as it is to admit our mistakes, to forgive those we love, to resist the red apple in the forbidden garden or to cross the invisible boundary of decency, of reason, of goodness. Nevertheless, I believe that in the end we all surrender and look at reality in all its force, no matter what it would reveal. Whether we sold our souls, whether we remained true to our principles, whether we found love or whether we succumbed to the glory of malice, to the ugliness of lies and betrayal while we are climbing the ladder of success …

From everything I said here I reached yet another truth. A man is as great as his dreams are great, but these’ dreams’ must have hope, and not striving for greatness at any cost. Yet man can do anything and that is not a lie. Maybe this is even the only truth of our age. And as we go along the broad highway of life, let’s put together the signage of kindness and honesty and follow the rules of safety. We and the world! … The world and we! Here and now, because if a man wants, then he can! It is worth trying so as not to be ashamed of our success and the means by which we have won that success! …

What do you think of that? :) :) :)

All that connects us…


“The sense of life is in the eternal effort to make a difference!”

Emil Zola

There are so many things which we don’t see, can’t touch, can’t explain or can’t prevent, but we still need them. We feel them. We know they exist. We are sure they are here among us and that they connect us no matter whether we want them and need them. Strange, but true, isn’t it? Due to these invisible connections we develop ourselves, become cleverer, enlarge our horizon and make our life more interesting, richer and most of all more significant. And in this way step by step in the course of time we come to the conclusion that it is important to live, in order to think, to experience all that surrounds us, all that happens to us, which makes us more noble and spiritually pure. So when we remove from the ‘life’ equation the things we need in order to exist: such as, air, water, food, climatic and atmospheric conditions, the really significant things remain, things which are inside of us and which connect us with all the rest around us. The things which help us be ourselves. To defend our principles. To fight for our ideas. To live our life sensibly.

The things or connections which feed our souls remain in the way we feel in our touch with other people. The memories related to moments of our life and some acquaintances in these moments. And all that with one sole aim- to feel satisfied with the way we feel when we are with certain people and with the things we do in order to reach the desired internal peace.

And all that to feel more useful. We love someone and we are with them because we feel better, stronger, filled with this invisible energy which defines our choices, directs our hearts and gives us strength to realize those small and big things which fill our every day life. And the most important thing- no one makes us feel this way. No one and at the same time someone because there are not only good things in a relationship, there are also drops, quarrels, which strengthen or weaken our relationships. Quarrels that show both our most beautiful and our worst sides. Words which make us unite our lives in one or continue until we find the special, similar half. And while we polish the edges in our relationship we make progress. We get to know each other. We connect on a higher level. Just like the cells in our body make the individual and the electronic impulses that transmit the messages between them, we travel in and through time, we have numerous meetings, making a line of events and moments which help us realize who we are and to make a difference, to leave a trace behind us. For example through our offspring or through our gift to create.

Artists, writers, musicians, actors, teachers or numberless other professions that embody our skills and realize the connection with the next generation or even with the past, with our ancestors and their beliefs. All they define our progress. They define our position. The lay the basis in order to go forward to achieve something significant in our life. In order to fulfill our dreams or just to have a peaceful and nice evening with friends. And while events enter and leave our life we think about who has helped us, what united us with the so long desired object or close friends or which things around us have contributed to achieving our goals. We just take them for granted, for something ordinary and normal. But we should not forget that some of them can change something in our life or even to change us. They change the world we live in or turn it over, they stop the rotation of the Earth, they light and put out the stars and make new worlds. This is what all these invisible connections can do, the connections that unite us, which help us learn from our mistakes, to judge how we want to feel and which people make us be better, who and what kind of people we want to be present in our life.

Except for these invisible but sensible connections there are other numberless and many things which we can’t see or touch which we can’t describe or explain but we know they exist and connect us such as time, feelings, life, dreams, radio waves, sound or friendship. I know there are many things which could connect us and they do. Today there are many things which manage to fulfill our smallest wishes. To order food or clothes through Internet is not something special anymore. To visit space or

In general everything which connects us is for the reason to leave a trace. To leave even small and insignificant scratch on the white board called LIFE.

Man can live a good life but after all there always comes a moment when they strike a balance of what they have done, of the events in which they took part, of the decisions they made, of the trace they left because without a complete life, without memories which are a indisputable evidence, without goals man would never live ENOUGH



/ “Green Idea”/

It rains again. Yes, againbut this time it seems the rain does not bother youyou don’t seem to notice it? And what did you notice today, where did you go? Along which street? … Don’t you remember this either? You want me to tell you, OK, but better listen carefully I don’t want to repeat this story ever again, right

It is just you and me in the room. I’m alive but you’re just in my heart, in my thoughts, in my hands, on the picture faded by my caresses. And it is dark and quiet. The city boils there behind the curtains, behind the windows. I feel lonely without you. It was not like that before. We were outside and the wind whirled through my hair. You were talking to me and I enjoyed my company. We walked together through the grass and I was complaining for you. I wish I could go back for one magical day where we could be together back there on the meadow, where the sun is shining at noon and where his sheep were grazing peacefully. I remember that you used to bring slices of bread with salt and paprika and ask me: “Would you like one” and then you said: “Now I wish there was something sweet”. I remember those days like they were yesterday but it is no more. I close my eyes and I can see you, I can still recognize your face. Your eyes, oh those deep and joyful eyes. “Someday…” you said, “You will miss me, will you cry for me?”. I laughed and ignored the future. I dreamed of growing up, of visiting other cities and people, of running away. I thought there was something special about me. Someday I might write something grand, something exciting that would leave an impression on someone, something great and from my heart, but I was so much in a hurry for this day to come that I did not enjoy the time spent with you. There on the lawn it was not so bad to be together. When I think about it, it was even great. I did not know that I’d miss you so much. This pain, this sadness, as if something had died inside me when I saw you lying there, covered with flowers and folded hands, so quiet and silent, so real and yet so far, you were the focus of attention as always, but why, why did you leave. There were so many people and everyone was sad. I do not remember much of that day, it seemed to fly away as a short movie. In the bitter memories of that day I have glimpses of how I kissed you, I put my picture under your shirt, right there on the left, above your heart, and asked you to protect me, to guard me and I wished you luck. Then that woman, how she sang for God’s sake, how ugly her moaning was, I had a feeling I was being cut into strips and my blood poured out, and the throbbing pain goes beyond all limits. It transformed into something without limit and without time. And somewhere there my soul cried out in anger, fear and grief that you were gone from me. You loved music, loved to dance, in this moment of madness I wanted to turn on the TV and the volume up to give you a last second of life, to send your spirit to rest, with a smile, but I had no strength, as if I was frozen and with lifeless limbs. I looked and I was unable to see, I thought and was unable to perceive, to realize. These empty words that I spoke were deprived of emotion as if there was another me who controlled my mind. And I looked from above, trying to image that you were there with us. That you see us and ask us not to worry, not not fill our minds with grief, to move on and to cherish the moments with those around us. And the rain drizzled in fine and quiet drops as though it wished you luck in the new way, as if it tried to tell you that you’ll be lucky in the new place, but you did not notice it, it did not bother you, you could not feel it, you were unable to enjoy it. I tried to see the rainbow in every drop that fell, but my eyes reflected only the darkness of the dying day, a day in which you went away from me. You looked asleep but without your sweet snoring and you were leaving us with bitterness, leaving us to fight our fate, our life of which you were part and which you had given up or you were simply unable to defeat and to win some more time to be with us. I was looking at the flowers in the pots at the windows and thought how beautiful you were with a flower pinned to your ear and … I did not even notice when I had gone outside. The rain was still rippling but the raindrops seemed to caress my face. As if you were touching me with the raindrops and saying good-bye to me. I walked as in a trance until finally I reached the place where I you wanted me to be. There I stood, behind the house, in the garden, under the old walnut tree, and cried. I cried for the days gone by, for the memory, for you, … for us. I watched the drops fall from the leaves and sink into the crumbly soil. Several unpicked walnuts rolled in the mud absorbing the rain in their greenish black shells. I bent down and picked one. The warmth of its shell take me far back, back in time … I squeezed the walnut in my fist remembering those happy days when we walked in the meadows and chased the sheep when one of them went astray. I could see my stupid smile while I was walking with your through the grass and how I stumbled in the weeds to keep up with you. My hands automatically pulled the kernel out of the shell, but my mind was remembering long lost memories. The tears kept rolling down my face and in my hand I was still clutching hard the already naked nut. Then, suddenly possessed by a fever because of the loss I started picking the falling walnuts…

At the same time a large black walnut cracked perfectly when it touched upon the wet soil. Its shell broke into four equal parts and the kernel remained intact and shiny. I threw it on the pile I was making. The next nut that I took was again perfect. Another glossy kernel shaped like a brain fell on the top of the pyramid of the nuts. I threw there shells. I grabbed, crushed, torn apart each of them. Not all nuts were perfect. Some of them remained deeply hidden in their shells and like hermit crabs they would not get out of them. But I was stubborn. I kept fighting the rain and the mud, because you grandma, YOU, had taught me that. You taught to me to finish what I had started irrespective of the circumstances … they all went to the pile, ordinary and extraordinary, they all took me back to life … to the life without you. Then a big and heavy walnut fell from the tree and hit me on the head. The pain throbbed heavily but reminded me that I was still here. I bent over the large walnut, picked it with tears in my eyes and kissed it. I did not ask myself how you called me and what had happened over the last fifteen minutes. I did not know where I was and whether I would find the way back. I wanted to be with my wonderful savior through which you reminded me of one of your ideas… I began digging frantically in front of myself. The small hole was getting bigger and deeper. When it was filled with raindrops I put the little kernels of the big and hard walnut and buried it. Every day I went to water my last gift, your last testament to me, and so until a young but strong tree I grew up reminding me of you. I promised myself to plant a tree every year to remind myself the idea that you gave me. Thus you live and bloom with me in my heart and in my eyes as all the trees that I planted and that I will plant in the future.

P.S. If every man plants at least one tree in their life to remind them of a beloved person or event then we would be less lonely and happier and healthier.



Before time began…


(Time is infinite and boundless)

There is nothing but atoms and space;

Everything else is only an opinion.

Democritus from Abdera

We live in a world that we know very little about, but what we know are huge discoveries. To reach them we are aided by the physical laws that have “popped up” into existence at laboratories around the world and in the great minds of all those geniuses who have studied natural sciences.

Just like an archaeologist can imagine a long lost city on the basis of a few rocks thus I’m trying to find out on the basis of the information given to me: what was it like “before time began”. To have a beginning and time first we must follow what triggered the “Big Bang”. Just like a story logically has a beginning mine should also have one. This story, however, is about the Universe, but unfortunately there are no data about the Very beginning which does not give me much basis for reasoning. Actually, it gives me nothing. Zero. For that reason I will use a little imagination.

Well, at the beginning it was emptiness, something like a strange vacuum where nothing containing space, light, sound, and even time existed. “Like a giant piece of rock attached to the top of a towering cliff, and the equilibrium of emptiness was so fine that to make a change – a change that created the Universe – only a chance was needed and it was brought about”. Something exploded! In this initial “red hot” moment space and time were created.

The idea of ​​time is related to the occurrence of events. An occurrence notes a specific point in time. Two occurrences form an interval between them. Then, a regularly repeating sequence of occurrences, such as the beat of the heart, the swinging of a pendulum, or even sunrise and sunset provide a measure of time. This is so because we have time, but let us imagine a situation where nothing ever happens. Perhaps this was the state of the Universe “before”. There was no tick-tock, there was no lunch and dinner, no … there were no events at all!

Everyone has found himself in an awkward situation, has wanted for time to stop and to not have existed at all as it was “before” the Big Bang in the Universe. Then time and space did not exist, which means that if we are transferred there – before the great event, our awkward situation would not have occurred and people and “unpleasant” questions would not have been asked … What could be better than that you will ask?!? Yes, I but no! What happens when space and time “have no meaning anymore”? It is true that we will not exist and it is true that we will avoid the dispute, but … but what is left? I will tell you that what remains is what we now call “the laws of physics”. It is they that lie at the basis of everything. They occurred before everything else, they set the beginning of all searching that we, people, make on the basis that the Universe is the answer, but only God knows what the question is!

When we deal with these new theories of space, time and the beginning we are overwhelmed by a feeling of complete powerlessness. It is interesting to ask the question “HOW? How can the basic “material” of the Universe to be reason for the the incredible diversity of our world, for example: stars, planets, sea turtles, ocean, corals, sunlight … the human brain … and many more? Aren’t those who first sought answers to such questions called “physicists”? Indeed, would be able today to “contemplate the entire history of creation” if it were not for them and others like them? Thanks to those researchers at our telescopes and microscopes, in our observatories and laboratories, in our notebooks, we started to perceive the outlines of the “original beauty and symmetry” that ruled in the first moments of the universe, that is even “before time began”!…

But let us stop for a moment … let us come back again here and now in our time, and not “before time began”, and let us think what in the world could give a clear example of how short and infinite time is …

Let us imagine that an alien which knows nothing about life on our planet came to a city and saw its residents – children, adolescents, adults and elderly people. Since its time on Earth is limited to a few hours, equivalent to three hours and thirteen minutes twenty-nine seconds Earth time, it will strive to learn as many things as possible about our world! Where would you take it to get to know our majesty – man (because man is the highest form of life, and is the best example of a time tracking)?

I do not know about you, but I would endeavor to convince it that people are not always the same as the Homeric gods on Mount Olympus. I would explain to it that people evolve over time, they have a beginning, maturity and an end of their lifetime. And we can visualize that only by visiting places that are specific for us as humans. For example, to let it see the birth of life I would take it to an obstetric clinic. There, in the rooms, it can see numerous other beings similar to what it saw coming out of the womb before entering the room for newborns. To see the transformation of man, from a baby into a teenager, I will take the alien to an ordinary school where children who are already be able to understand will give it interesting information about what they learn and what they want to be when they grow up. When I say grow up, I mean when they start work, create their own home and family. It would be best if I take it to lunch at my home where it can get an idea of ​​the relationships between adults and child. Of course, most of its time to explore our planet will have passed /even alien time goes fast/, so I will need to hurry with the introduction of the human stages of maturation.

And at the end of this – let us call it a trip – to see the culmination of this whole period, because as I mentioned at the beginning the idea of ​​time is associated with the occurrence of events, and human life is filled with a series of events and after a certain point comes the last event called the end. To see this stage I will take it to a department of terminally ill people. There death will have taken yet another soul to its cemetery of people ravished by the turning point of their existence.

Once the creature from outer space has seen the decline of the last phases of human life I will be having only a few minutes left so we can say goodbye to each other and I will ask it to visit me again someday, and why not even ask it to take me on a short visit so I can spend a few interesting hours in its world, with its countrymen?

… After this thorough trip I hope you were convinced that time was infinite and boundless and one life is not enough to explain what it was “before time began”, what came after that and what may happen in the future, and isn’t the future a time that has not yet come but comes with every second that we breathe, feel and live?

 P.S. What do you think of that? :) :) :)




/ short story by Me… :) /

…So. No name, no face. The mystery thickened. Totally weird. He could not get dressed nor could he remember where he should get himself ready for…

“Is your memory better now?”, asked a voice in his head. “Did you remember everything now?”, the same voice went on in a minute. “You obviously didn’t, completely useless! Complete disaster!…”, the voice, he couldn’t recognize, kept on. He was not even sure whether he should hear voices in his head for he did not know whether this was normal or completely insane, just like the world he had found himself in the moment he had woken up. “Humpy!”, “George!”, “Well, you should have a name, right!”, the strange voice yelled in his ear. “George!”, the stranger repeated and he thought that the name was somehow completely matching. “Cool, huh?”, the man laughed harshly. And for his surprise he turned out completely right. The name was really cool and suited him perfectly, because as he dressed and went out on the porch, he found out with relief that passengers called him the same name while taking off their hats and smiling at him amicably. “George?” – the unknown alter ego or the known crazy self that just like everything else was lost somewhere in the whirlpool of his mysteriously vanished memories, startled him. George looked up to pray for the voice to disappear and saw some lights falling from the sky in the shape of large circles, rings or perhaps it would be better to call them semicircles or semi-ellipses? “Your turn is coming.” – the thing whispered in his head. George did not know what this should mean but got himself ready to jump in the middle of the amazing “rings”, forming a funnel in the air, the moment they touched the ground in front of his house. It seemed that others had noticed nothing because they kept smiling and nodding at him hats down. A lot of people passed by his home. Some of them even did it on purpose though. Whether to see him or there was something else attracting their attention, George did not know, but now his mind was focused on something completely different. The sun tried to sneak around some stubborn clouds hiding his body and this made the mystery even more interesting. You may ask why? Because the shadow thrown by the clouds formed a sort of a black hole through which lights passed and went straight down onto the garden in front of his house. Like a small alien saucer lit in the colors of a billion of colorful butterflies. The closer these variegated lights came, the more the voice in his head vibrated. Yes! The vibration grew so stronger that George wished to jump earlier he had to. Just a minute only and his wish would have come true when he suddenly saw through the small spaces between the semicircles that reflected in his eyes, a strikingly beautiful face that did not smile, did not nod and definitely had no intention to just look at him. This face was so much unknown to him as the one he saw in the mirror this morning, but the difference was that now the mystery around this lady had to be revealed as quickly as possible, so that he wouldn’t find himself in a comic situation, and he had to get himself ready to jump. “Offer valid just for today!”, the voice in his head shouted angrily. He felt his mind back to normal again, vibrations were over, but the lights were still floating gently towards the garden. “Oh, George, you’ve got the wrong way, lad.”, that annoying and non-material self of his kept muttering. The woman with the beautiful face looked up and then looked at George and then turned her gaze back up to the sky. George was beside the woman at lightning speed and looked in the same direction. The two of them were in the middle of the descending funnel and in seconds everything around them went black, dark and so thick that they could swear that there was nothing else beyond the funnel, but something like tar. The woman raised her hand to her face and easily pulled off her skin that formed her beautiful features. Her body was still human, but the face – she really had no face any more, not even cheekbones. Her features had lost their charm and now looked like shapeless moulds that indicated no eyes or nose, or ears. George was in total bewilderment. Now, he no longer wanted to know who he was, whose was the face he had seen in the mirror this morning, and whose was the voice in his mind that he had called, figuratively speaking, his own crazy self. The woman’s hands spread and touched the edges of the semi-ellipse. Then, in a blink of the eye, like a rocket, the incredible silhouette with human body and polygonal head shoot up the funnel. Darkness around dispersed. The tar became transparent, and the garden and the house took back its old appearance. The colored lights flew up again the same way they had flown down and the sun shifted the stubborn clouds and shone with all its power. Its rays blinded George’s gazing eyes and he started rubbing them frantically. Faint flashes of the past moments flickered behind the darkness of his closed eyelids, and that, like a bad dream, transported him back besides the strange creature that had seemed so beautiful before entering the so impossible to be described funnel. A slight shock shook his head and at the time he thought that the voice in his head would speak again to explain what had just happened, he simply… fainted.

    A few hours later, when the man woke up, there was a nurse checking something on a glowing monitor above his head. The dim light that was seeping through the room only reminded him of what had happened. The nurse smiled at him calmly and asked him a few questions one of which was about his name. Once more confused this day, because for him to be John Doe or George was the same, he shook his head and denied knowing anything about himself except that he had met with an alien. A few seconds later the nurse recovered from the shock and told him that he had been in a coma more than twenty-four hours and it was impossible to have met anyone, whether man or… alien during that time. Doctors knew who he was, what his condition was and why he had woken up exactly after a twenty-four hour coma, but said nothing. Not that it was bad that he had woken up, but the time he had spent in coma was not of interest for them, but only for George. Exactly twenty-four hours. George did not know what was the reason and one of the nurses had to explain the patient that there was nothing strange. The woman had blushed like a tomato and what she had to say did not seem so easy to her. “See, mister..”, she began cautiously. “You’ve been here ten years and…” Ten years! Quite a long time for a man that did not remember even his name.”… and after the fifth year you kept relapsing back into a twenty-four hour coma every second day after you’ve woken up.” Poor nurse, to announce such news and to expect the patient not to go mad was definitely not something that a person could do willingly. All eyes were fixed on the patient. George had not heard noises in his head since he had woken up, but now, more than anything, he wanted to hear his crazy self to feel himself more at home. From what he had heard he would soon sink back into a coma. Would he find himself back into the world he remembered as his home and would he see again this extraordinary funnel descending from the sky in his garden??? So many questions unanswered. The chief doctor started to explain something to the students in the room and they paled even more. Perhaps, now was not the time for George to think what had happened to him, what was happening and what would come next. The patient listened to the words of the man in the white coat, a card in his hand and crescent-shaped specs or … perhaps they looked more like semicircles? But wait! Where had he seen the same ethereal glow that streamed from the spectacles of the smiling doctor? Where had he seen something so breathtaking? The funnel! Was it possible that the doctor had something to do with the funnel? Or the funnel had something in common with the doctor? The question was of utmost importance. Only so George could explain himself who or what made him fall into a coma for ten years in succession. The only one explanation he could found, though a crazy one, was that the strange doctor made him fall into a coma on purpose so that to send his “alien” friends to their world or somewhere else, which was not of particular importance to him just now. “Doctor…” – George managed to call a second before he left the room. “How long, how long do you think I will fall asleep again?” – George had to know, he had to keep his eyes open and find out everything he could before falling into the debts of the periodic coma. “Twenty-two hours and thirty-three minutes!” – a smile lit up the face of the doctor who slightly adjusted his glasses with his fingers and left the room. “Fear is too dangerous for a person lying ten years in bed, George!”, somebody said. At first George thought that this was some of the resident physicians who hadn’t left the room yet or perhaps a misguided hospital attendant, but, alas, there was no one else in the room but him lying motionless on the hospital bed. “Don’t you want to go back home?”, the strange voice asked again. “My home!? It is said “Home is where the heart is!”, the man answered without even supposing that this was his missing crazy self. According to George not even thirty minutes later the doctor returned. He hummed some kind of a song that was annoying not just with its melody but also with its wording that slurred together, were incomprehensible and even out of rhythm. The doctor invited a dark-haired man into the room and introduced him to George. The second the doctor and the guest took George’s arms, everything in the room spun like in a state of vertigo and vanished in the whirlpool of oblivion. Clearly, in this world time passed quicker than George thought, and a throbbing pain was forcing its way into his head and kept intensifying more and more. At the end of the tunnel he was traveling through accompanied by the dark-haired man a small white spot appeared and started growing until reaching the size of a room. The two of them went through it and ended up in his house. The stranger quickly left the room and went straight to the garden. Apparently they were late or simply the passenger couldn’t wait to continue his journey to the unknown galaxies of his fellow aliens. George went out on the front porch of his house and looked straight to the dark-haired man. He in turn was looking up to the sky where two clouds were heading towards each other and would soon close the solar disk. The story repeated itself. The only difference, perhaps, was that now he remembered. He remembered everything that had happened yesterday. The alien, as before, showed his face seconds before shooting itself up to the sky. Unlike the face of the beautiful lady from yesterday, this face was much more repealing. It was true that it had no particular shape and its angles were constantly changing. It was true that the matter it was made of transformed and changed its colour very often. But what was wrong was the smell coming out. Why there had to be any smell at all? The smell brought tears. Chopping onion was more enjoyable than this. George couldn’t wait for the alien to shoot up the funnel. He even pushed him involuntarily. This notably annoyed the former dark-haired “man” and just before he flew up he whispered that the doctor would end with him as soon as he started to struggle and if what he wanted most in this moment, and namely to kill him, was not done by the doctor, he would come back to do it himself. Good alternative, don’t you think? Chosen to be a sort of gateway for creatures with unknown power and mental abilities, George wondered why the doctor would think that he would start struggling. Wouldn’t he? Was not it against his will to wake up in one world and to fall asleep just to go to another? Was not it to his detriment to spend ten years in bed, half of them in a coma he had no memory about? Was not it strange not to know his name, origin and why he of all people was chosen for that mission? The mystery thickened and revealed with unexplainable breathtaking speed – all in the same. One thing was clear – he stood in the middle of everything that was going on!

“George! George! George!…”, how many times I should tell you you’ve chosen the wrong way!”, his inner self protested. As if he could know what was the right way so that to take the wrong one? Trouble! Blackmail! Phantoms, aliens, not existing worlds or just time tunnels leading to specific epochs needed to achieve someone’s diabolical plans. The doctor’s plans! Who exactly this doctor was? George felt quite upset by what was happening to him. Whom should he be loyal to? Himself? His country? Those whom he was helping, or some other fourth party that determined his life? There was no single choice: heads or tails! Here one should act according to his conscience, not by accident. George had to do everything he could not to come out of his coma. But how? How could he stay in this world forever when he wasn’t even sure whether it is his real home or simply a nonexistent reality of his subconscious where he was locked in the trap of his own mind by the mad doctor? This was a much bigger mystery than to recognize the man in the mirror when he looked at himself. And the question could only be solved by a single player in this unequal and wrong game – his unknown, but the only one who cared for his welfare – inner self! “Let’s don’t make a saint out of sinner!”, the voice in his head answered him. “I am as guilty for your condition as the alien doctor who has subjected you to all these tests during the years – from your first state of coma until now.”, the voice continued. The hope that there was someone to explain him what was happening to him was getting bigger. “First…”, the voice said. “… I am you and you are me! Second … I keep telling you from the very beginning that you’ve taken the wrong way”. This was the very truth, but just after George recollected the events from yesterday, he realized that he had misinterpreted the words of the voice in his head. He thought that the voice urged him, that it made him do what he was doing – helping aliens pass into their world. To his surprise it was just the opposite. George decided to enter the house and to look at his face once more. “So, who am I?”, George asked himself after he sat on the bed in the living room  with a mirror in his hand. His inner self started talking immediately as if it had been waiting for this for years and it couldn’t wait any more. The conversation lasted a long time and it was not easy to be assimilated. It turned out that the man in the mirror he had sawn was just a child of ten. The name matched, but not the diagnosis. Now things started making sense. George was ill. He was not only ill, but he was dying. For ten long years his doctor had been struggling to keep him alive and lessen his pain, but pain grew stronger and more terrifying so that he was forced to sedate him every day. Sedatives dazed him, clouding his eyes and mind and finally made him fall asleep. Then he started fantasizing various strange things that after a while he couldn’t distinguish from reality. He had gotten used to sedatives so much that he even forgot what he had dreamed or what he had spoken when he was awake. Now George felt himself very small and helpless. Today it was an unusually ordinary day in his life. Now he had a name, he had a face that he knew. He no longer saw the face of an adult in the mirror, but the face of a child, of a sick child. Pale. With sunken eyes and protruding cheekbones. With gray teeth and bleeding lips. With hollow and soulless eyes, with … head cast down in fatigue. The mystery around his personality had distorted or perhaps had broken from his fantasies and it was nothing more, but a sad and real truth. Painfully and cruelly revealed under the watchful eyes of his inner self. Now there was no need to dress appropriately or know where to go. The only place he had to go was where his parents were. George lay on the bed and closed his eyes. Minutes later he found himself in the hospital room again. He had woken up in advance. His parents, the nurse and the doctor were perplexed. Doctors checked his vital signs. Everything was ok except his heart. It was beating with the speed it beat the day he was born. Mad, wild and unbridled rhythm. George tried to put a smile on his face and this excited his parents. They surrounded him and took his hands. A little bit of hope crept in their souls. That their child was much better today, that, perhaps, he would get better, that … perhaps their misery would soon end. George was still breathing fast. He wanted to say something, but excitement overwhelmed him. As if his heart would burst. “I put the pieces to the puzzle … I did it all … I…I managed to remember who I am … I want to tell you that I love you…”. Hot tears filled his eyes and started rolling down both his face and his parent’s faces. Their handsome child that had lit up their lives was passing away … But he was happy, he had walked his way and now nothing else had left him but to leave them, to be in his dream of fantasy, he had invented to feel better in a world that was beyond disease, beyond pain, beyond reality … George smiled weakly again and looked at the doctor who stood facing him. His specs shone magically. The light from the crescents began to move around the room. Everywhere he looked, lights danced and enchanted him. Then all the lights joined in one and formed a marvelous funnel. The ceiling of the hospital room disappeared and George’s eyes saw a beautiful blue sky, greeting him with its fine weather. Within minutes, the sun would be hidden behind two perfectly shaped clouds, and the funnel that was the gateway for so many creatures would become a tunnel for him that would lead him to strange, but probably beautiful places where he would be happy, but most of all – healthy. So it was. The clouds hid the sun from George’s sight and he saw his body rising and entering the funnel. He turned back for the last time and saw his parents entwining their hands to stand over his physical body. They were both sad and happy. Sad, because their loved one was gone from them, and happy, because they knew that his imagination was so great that it had surely took him somewhere where he would be very happy … George smiled and looked up. Now he knew that every part of his life was in place. He was ready to fly to his next adventure where, undoubtedly, something interesting and never-to-be-forgotten awaited him.

…So. No name, no face, no memory … the mystery can be revealed. Totally weird, but also completely exciting. We just shouldn’t stop dressing up to be ready for the upcoming, whether it is good or bad…   

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Happiness – myth or real thing


“What we call the secret of happiness is no more a secret than our willingness to choose life.” Leo Buscaglia.

Normally mythical is what people call fiction incredible story or unreliable narration. Mythical to me is something different. Mystical to me is what people want to have in their lives, but they never received it. Mystical or not there is one thing we all want in one form or another in our lives. This thing is called – Happiness. Did we must be thin, rich, and beautiful to maintain happiness or we can be just us to become happy?

So let first talk about what really is happiness?

Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. If this is the definition of happiness, why so few people are willing to admit that they are happy? Perhaps because happiness is more than just positive and pleasurable emotions or special moments of our life’s. Probably because happiness lies in some subjects or in so desired position in the work. Surely because happiness is a myth, and only those who are wondering what happiness is really happy.

The truth is that no one can decide for himself what happiness is until he did not really feel it. Once we realize what happiness is, we all seek to experience the magic again and again. The pursuit of happiness is for us, what drives us forward to the future, that which brings us back to the past and what kept us in the present.

In the mean time we all are complaining about how miserable we are and how much we deserve to be happy.

Let’s be honest: The world is full of all types of people, many of them miserable and unhappy. And you know what? They actually want more then everything just good company and may be good food. :)

My simple advice is allow those that you love – siblings, friends, family – to unburden themselves to you without attaching to their stuff. Remind them that you love them. Remind them that you want them to be happy. Turn the conversation to a happy memory, a funny anecdote, or an exciting upcoming event. Suggest to them a good way to change their minds into positive direction – not as a judgment, but out of love.

And the most important thing is to remember that smiles are the secret of everything even if our hearts are frowning.

When you accept that it is not only OK to be happy, but that you deserve to be happy, you will transform.

So my question is what will you do today to remind yourself to be happy?