What would you do if you …


Out of ideas…

I am talking to tOut of ideas...his friend I’ve been talking with for a while and right now we’re doing a whole “What would you do if…” Kind of 20 questions things. I’m running out of stuff so does anyone have any good suggestions? Thanks to everyone who answers what I ask! :)

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Posted April 18, 2013 by Meglena Ivanova in category Writing Center

2 thoughts on “What would you do if you …

  1. rann

    Rose Ann Tira
    what would you do if ..
    -you found out you’re adopted?
    -you lost you’re wedding ring?
    -a close friend of yours is crushing your bf?
    -there was no electricity or water for one day?
    -your book got discovered by A famous writer and someone else claimed it?
    -you see a $50 dollar bill with dog $h••+ on it?
    -someone left a baby in front of your doorstep?
    -your favorite food was banned from the country?
    -you accidentally shave off you’re whole eyebrow?
    -gum got stuck on top of your new permed hair?


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