‘How To Be A Writer’ Author Sally O’Reilly (INTERVIEW)


They say there’s a book in everyone, and there’s certainly no end to courses and guides that claim they can help us unleash our inner epic. But what if we ever actually did manage to sit down and write the great British novel we’ve always dreamed of? What next?

After landing her first book deal in 2004, Sally O’Reilly thought ‘someone had scattered fairy dust’ on her life. Instead, soon after seeing her first novel in print she lost her editor and found herself not knowing where to turn. As a ‘mid-list’ selling author, she released that being a writer didn’t end with the last page of her book – in many ways, the job was just beginning.

Released last month, ‘How To Be A Writer’ is Sally’s attempt to guide people through the nuts and bolts of taking a book to market and navigating the world of publishing like a professional. Rather than tell you how to structure a thriller or stop using clunky adverbs, the book explains how to find an agent, manage your own PR and juggle writing alongside your day job….

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