Before time began…


(Time is infinite and boundless)

There is nothing but atoms and space;

Everything else is only an opinion.

Democritus from Abdera

We live in a world that we know very little about, but what we know are huge discoveries. To reach them we are aided by the physical laws that have “popped up” into existence at laboratories around the world and in the great minds of all those geniuses who have studied natural sciences.

Just like an archaeologist can imagine a long lost city on the basis of a few rocks thus I’m trying to find out on the basis of the information given to me: what was it like “before time began”. To have a beginning and time first we must follow what triggered the “Big Bang”. Just like a story logically has a beginning mine should also have one. This story, however, is about the Universe, but unfortunately there are no data about the Very beginning which does not give me much basis for reasoning. Actually, it gives me nothing. Zero. For that reason I will use a little imagination.

Well, at the beginning it was emptiness, something like a strange vacuum where nothing containing space, light, sound, and even time existed. “Like a giant piece of rock attached to the top of a towering cliff, and the equilibrium of emptiness was so fine that to make a change – a change that created the Universe – only a chance was needed and it was brought about”. Something exploded! In this initial “red hot” moment space and time were created.

The idea of ​​time is related to the occurrence of events. An occurrence notes a specific point in time. Two occurrences form an interval between them. Then, a regularly repeating sequence of occurrences, such as the beat of the heart, the swinging of a pendulum, or even sunrise and sunset provide a measure of time. This is so because we have time, but let us imagine a situation where nothing ever happens. Perhaps this was the state of the Universe “before”. There was no tick-tock, there was no lunch and dinner, no … there were no events at all!

Everyone has found himself in an awkward situation, has wanted for time to stop and to not have existed at all as it was “before” the Big Bang in the Universe. Then time and space did not exist, which means that if we are transferred there – before the great event, our awkward situation would not have occurred and people and “unpleasant” questions would not have been asked … What could be better than that you will ask?!? Yes, I but no! What happens when space and time “have no meaning anymore”? It is true that we will not exist and it is true that we will avoid the dispute, but … but what is left? I will tell you that what remains is what we now call “the laws of physics”. It is they that lie at the basis of everything. They occurred before everything else, they set the beginning of all searching that we, people, make on the basis that the Universe is the answer, but only God knows what the question is!

When we deal with these new theories of space, time and the beginning we are overwhelmed by a feeling of complete powerlessness. It is interesting to ask the question “HOW? How can the basic “material” of the Universe to be reason for the the incredible diversity of our world, for example: stars, planets, sea turtles, ocean, corals, sunlight … the human brain … and many more? Aren’t those who first sought answers to such questions called “physicists”? Indeed, would be able today to “contemplate the entire history of creation” if it were not for them and others like them? Thanks to those researchers at our telescopes and microscopes, in our observatories and laboratories, in our notebooks, we started to perceive the outlines of the “original beauty and symmetry” that ruled in the first moments of the universe, that is even “before time began”!…

But let us stop for a moment … let us come back again here and now in our time, and not “before time began”, and let us think what in the world could give a clear example of how short and infinite time is …

Let us imagine that an alien which knows nothing about life on our planet came to a city and saw its residents – children, adolescents, adults and elderly people. Since its time on Earth is limited to a few hours, equivalent to three hours and thirteen minutes twenty-nine seconds Earth time, it will strive to learn as many things as possible about our world! Where would you take it to get to know our majesty – man (because man is the highest form of life, and is the best example of a time tracking)?

I do not know about you, but I would endeavor to convince it that people are not always the same as the Homeric gods on Mount Olympus. I would explain to it that people evolve over time, they have a beginning, maturity and an end of their lifetime. And we can visualize that only by visiting places that are specific for us as humans. For example, to let it see the birth of life I would take it to an obstetric clinic. There, in the rooms, it can see numerous other beings similar to what it saw coming out of the womb before entering the room for newborns. To see the transformation of man, from a baby into a teenager, I will take the alien to an ordinary school where children who are already be able to understand will give it interesting information about what they learn and what they want to be when they grow up. When I say grow up, I mean when they start work, create their own home and family. It would be best if I take it to lunch at my home where it can get an idea of ​​the relationships between adults and child. Of course, most of its time to explore our planet will have passed /even alien time goes fast/, so I will need to hurry with the introduction of the human stages of maturation.

And at the end of this – let us call it a trip – to see the culmination of this whole period, because as I mentioned at the beginning the idea of ​​time is associated with the occurrence of events, and human life is filled with a series of events and after a certain point comes the last event called the end. To see this stage I will take it to a department of terminally ill people. There death will have taken yet another soul to its cemetery of people ravished by the turning point of their existence.

Once the creature from outer space has seen the decline of the last phases of human life I will be having only a few minutes left so we can say goodbye to each other and I will ask it to visit me again someday, and why not even ask it to take me on a short visit so I can spend a few interesting hours in its world, with its countrymen?

… After this thorough trip I hope you were convinced that time was infinite and boundless and one life is not enough to explain what it was “before time began”, what came after that and what may happen in the future, and isn’t the future a time that has not yet come but comes with every second that we breathe, feel and live?

 P.S. What do you think of that? :) :) :)

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