All that connects us…


“The sense of life is in the eternal effort to make a difference!”

Emil Zola

There are so many things which we don’t see, can’t touch, can’t explain or can’t prevent, but we still need them. We feel them. We know they exist. We are sure they are here among us and that they connect us no matter whether we want them and need them. Strange, but true, isn’t it? Due to these invisible connections we develop ourselves, become cleverer, enlarge our horizon and make our life more interesting, richer and most of all more significant. And in this way step by step in the course of time we come to the conclusion that it is important to live, in order to think, to experience all that surrounds us, all that happens to us, which makes us more noble and spiritually pure. So when we remove from the ‘life’ equation the things we need in order to exist: such as, air, water, food, climatic and atmospheric conditions, the really significant things remain, things which are inside of us and which connect us with all the rest around us. The things which help us be ourselves. To defend our principles. To fight for our ideas. To live our life sensibly.

The things or connections which feed our souls remain in the way we feel in our touch with other people. The memories related to moments of our life and some acquaintances in these moments. And all that with one sole aim- to feel satisfied with the way we feel when we are with certain people and with the things we do in order to reach the desired internal peace.

And all that to feel more useful. We love someone and we are with them because we feel better, stronger, filled with this invisible energy which defines our choices, directs our hearts and gives us strength to realize those small and big things which fill our every day life. And the most important thing- no one makes us feel this way. No one and at the same time someone because there are not only good things in a relationship, there are also drops, quarrels, which strengthen or weaken our relationships. Quarrels that show both our most beautiful and our worst sides. Words which make us unite our lives in one or continue until we find the special, similar half. And while we polish the edges in our relationship we make progress. We get to know each other. We connect on a higher level. Just like the cells in our body make the individual and the electronic impulses that transmit the messages between them, we travel in and through time, we have numerous meetings, making a line of events and moments which help us realize who we are and to make a difference, to leave a trace behind us. For example through our offspring or through our gift to create.

Artists, writers, musicians, actors, teachers or numberless other professions that embody our skills and realize the connection with the next generation or even with the past, with our ancestors and their beliefs. All they define our progress. They define our position. The lay the basis in order to go forward to achieve something significant in our life. In order to fulfill our dreams or just to have a peaceful and nice evening with friends. And while events enter and leave our life we think about who has helped us, what united us with the so long desired object or close friends or which things around us have contributed to achieving our goals. We just take them for granted, for something ordinary and normal. But we should not forget that some of them can change something in our life or even to change us. They change the world we live in or turn it over, they stop the rotation of the Earth, they light and put out the stars and make new worlds. This is what all these invisible connections can do, the connections that unite us, which help us learn from our mistakes, to judge how we want to feel and which people make us be better, who and what kind of people we want to be present in our life.

Except for these invisible but sensible connections there are other numberless and many things which we can’t see or touch which we can’t describe or explain but we know they exist and connect us such as time, feelings, life, dreams, radio waves, sound or friendship. I know there are many things which could connect us and they do. Today there are many things which manage to fulfill our smallest wishes. To order food or clothes through Internet is not something special anymore. To visit space or

In general everything which connects us is for the reason to leave a trace. To leave even small and insignificant scratch on the white board called LIFE.

Man can live a good life but after all there always comes a moment when they strike a balance of what they have done, of the events in which they took part, of the decisions they made, of the trace they left because without a complete life, without memories which are a indisputable evidence, without goals man would never live ENOUGH

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