„How difficult it is in our century to be an honest man!”



“Nothing inspires such contempt

 to success as the thought of the means

 of its achievement.”

G. Flaubert

It is believed that God created the world in six days and used the last day to create man. He gave man thought, speech and reason. Thousands of years have passed since then and today man exalts and places himself in the center of Earth. But what is a man in our century? An integral part of the created world or just a speck of dust in the Universe – eternal and almost unnoticeable. So what does it matter if every day someone lies, someone pretends, someone has chosen to live as a dishonest person on Earth?

The truth is that man can do anything. He will stop at nothing – neither to nature nor to relatives, friends or employers, or even to the infinite Space and that is because of one goal – greatness. End justifies the means, but at what cost? Now man is possessed by evil thoughts, distorted dreams and false principles. I wonder will man ever stop you seek his own imaginary place of success, happiness, idealism, selfishness? Will man turn back to history, to the world? To look at how his world is collapsing while he lives locked in his understanding of prosperity?…

I ask myself these and many other questions. Probably everyone is looking for answers to their torments – abosuccess conceptut the world, about themselves, about the others … I suppose everyone has some or other painful memories that have made him the man he or she is now, but the truth is, to be honest, be honest to ourselves, to the others, is just as difficult as it is to admit our mistakes, to forgive those we love, to resist the red apple in the forbidden garden or to cross the invisible boundary of decency, of reason, of goodness. Nevertheless, I believe that in the end we all surrender and look at reality in all its force, no matter what it would reveal. Whether we sold our souls, whether we remained true to our principles, whether we found love or whether we succumbed to the glory of malice, to the ugliness of lies and betrayal while we are climbing the ladder of success …

From everything I said here I reached yet another truth. A man is as great as his dreams are great, but these’ dreams’ must have hope, and not striving for greatness at any cost. Yet man can do anything and that is not a lie. Maybe this is even the only truth of our age. And as we go along the broad highway of life, let’s put together the signage of kindness and honesty and follow the rules of safety. We and the world! … The world and we! Here and now, because if a man wants, then he can! It is worth trying so as not to be ashamed of our success and the means by which we have won that success! …

What do you think of that? :) :) :)

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