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Some of the Major Themes covered in The Moonstone book are supernatural, exploration of myths and legends, rebirth and other reincarnations; meeting with extraterrestrials, time travel, friendship, leadership, romance and darkness, survival and death.

Book Description: 

In an age long past… on a planet unknown to mankind a SACRED STONE was created. Nations have been built around it until an audacious ignorant man broke the stone into three pieces and a terrible curse has been unleashed. The legends says who ever unite the stone again would be given control over it’s power.

The Legend of the Moonstone, a vibrant fiction-adventure, tells the legend of the Moonstone, a powerful stone which is part of the ancient Sacred Stone. Professor Bernard Stransky is adventurer and dreamer who sets off on an epic quest through magical, mythical and wondrous worlds in order to rescue the Moonstone and defend our planet. In this adventure he and his crew of two very special and extraordinary students are about to fight for their own lives and for the lives of all of humanity against the Upper Souls (evil and destructive creatures, who wanted to become immortal and conquer the universe).

Detailed Summary:

After his participation in a top secret project, the famous teller of legends and myths, Professor of Mineralogy, Bernard Stransky, receives a present like no other – an enormous, glittering, gem. Little does he know that this legendary stone will bring with it a world of mystery and danger. The stone seems to hold strange powers beyond mere beauty, perhaps even a prophecy that travels with it. The sparkling Moonstone belongs to Professor Stransky, but he isn’t the stone’s real master. Part of the hidden heart of the mystery planet, the gem is the subject of an intense worldwide search by Upper Souls whose ultimate duty is to find and restore the stone to its rightful place. According to their beliefs, the special and powerful stone, belongs to them and their families. That’s not quite true! The Uppers wants to possess the Moonstone only because they think they are the Better part of their tribe. They are ready to do whatever it takes them to possess the stone and for them only that matters!

The Moonstone have to be returned back to its guardians, but a storm of supernatural, amazing and unexpected circumstances and surprising tricks of fate follow in its wake.

  • Who is the real master of the precious sacred gem?
  • Can the stone be found and returned to its rightful masters in time to stop the mysterious forces that threaten to destroyed our human planet?
  • What is the real purpose of the stone?
  • Who is involved in the legendary prophecy and who is going to pay a incredible price because the fight for possession of the Moonstone?
  • Who Are the rest of the Sacred Stones, What are They and Where are They Hidden?
  • Why one human professor is willing to be involved in this supernatural maelstrom of myths and legends?
  • What is his role and why he is so important, you can learn by reading The Legend of The Moonstone.

This classic tale of mystery and intrigue has long delighted readers seeking the truth about the legendary Moonstone.

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5 thoughts on “FICTION

  1. Scott

    Impressive debut novel…

    This is one of those books that I keep thinking about, even though I’m done with it. I know there are two more to come for this trilogy, so maybe that’s the author’s intent.

    I keep wanting to pick it up and read it again. Just to continue being a part of the world Ms. Roth has created. I certainly cannot wait to continue in the trilogy when the sequel is released.

  2. Randi

    incredibly fast-paced and impossible to put down
    I was dubious about this book, because it’s a teen book and I was worried about simplicity and I was afraid it was going to be too much like the Hunger Games. In the end, it was a teen book and somewhat predictable, but that is completely able to be overlooked. I really loved the book. It wasn’t too much like the Hunger Games, but it still had that ominous, suppressed society feel to it. I actually liked this book and it’s sequel better than the Hunger Games.

    Also, I liked that there was more than one “bad” guy. It was more like a group of bad guys.

    A good debut and I’m sure I will read the sequel at some point.

  3. Julia M

    For the first 70 pages I had this feeling of, “Well, I like it, but it could go either way for me.” I’d heard so many good things about it, but was so worried it would fall short.
    I stared loving the book when I read the chapter “The chosen vehicle for the upper’s souls”. That… made my heart burst with happiness. From then on out it got better and better and better.. That…made my heart burst with happiness. From then on out it got better and better and better.

  4. Joshua Laurels

    I have little to say here. The points about what courage means (doing something even though you are afraid) are valid and everything Daniel had to go through to figure them out was great character development for him. The conflict between the Upper people initiates was well-drawn considering exactly where they were and what would happen if they didn’t make it in.

    If I had to make a clear I would say the writing is great. Not poetic-great or I’ll-remember-it-forever great, but a writing style so smooth that you never need to stop and consider a bad description or watch the atmosphere fall apart because of a disastrous choice of words is respectable.

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