Rachel Abbott and Paul Finch – in conversation: self vs traditional publishing


Rachel Abbott and Paul Finch – in conversation: self vs traditionalpublishing


Rachel Abbott is a writer, and author of “Only the Innocent“. The book proved very successful, and by February 2012 it had reached #1 in the Amazon charts (all genres). It remained there for four weeks.

It also hit the top spot on the Waterstones ebook charts, and remained there throughout August, September and most of October 2012.

Rachel’s blog aims to help authors going through the process of publishing their first ebook, andincludes reviews of indie ebooks.


Paul Finch is a former cop and journalist, now full-time writer. Having written for the television series THE BILL plus children’s animation and DOCTOR WHO audio dramas, he is best known for his horror fiction.

He has won the British Fantasy Award twice and the International Horror Guild Award.

They both have been in the Kindle top twenty recently, but they became bestsellers by quite different routes.

If you want to read more about self vs traditional publishing, their conversation would help you a lot.

To find out more about Rachel Abbott, visit http://www.rachel-abbott.com.

To find out more about Paul Finch, visit http://paulfinch-writer.blogspot.co.uk/.